A4+ LTC Master Miner Specifications:

Demo units used in controlled environment.

Latest Generation!!! ASIC Exchange opens, inspects and tests each unit prior to shipping to flush out most mortality and DOA issues.


Top of Market Single Tube LTC Miner.

  • Part Number: INNOSILICON A4+ LTCMaster
  • Hashrate: 620Mh/s ( -8% performance, can be over-clocked at user’s risk)
  • Power Consumption:750W ( /-8%, normal mode, at the wall, with 93% efficiency PSU, 25°C temperature )
  • Size: (L)350mm*(W)125mm*(H)155mm
  • Net Weight: 3.83KG (without PSU)
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Required rated PSU: 1000W or above, 9 * PCI-E 6Pin
  • Cooling: air-cooled with 2 fans
  • Internet connection:Ethernet
  • Power supply connection: 2 PCIE port per power board and 1 on the controller

Power Supply Specifications:

  • Runs on both 220V and regular household 110V outlets.
  • On 110V output is 900 Watts (sufficient for one Antminer L3+)
  • On 220V output is 1200 Watts (sufficient for one L3+ or Avalon A741 or equivalent)
  • High efficiency (92% gold)
  • Compact 1U form factor
  • Universal C13 “computer/monitor” power socket
  • Universal Amity Labs 10-connector PCI-e harness

Universal Amity Labs 10-connector PCI-e harness:

  • Designed to connect to any Bitmain Antminer (and other brands such as Avalon)
  • Ten (10x) 16 AWG braided copper 6-pin PCI-E Molex connectors, each rated to 240 Watt / 20 Amps at 80 degrees C
  • 24 in (~60 cm) DC bus implemented with 200C silicone heavy gauge wiring, rated to 1200 Watts / 100 amps
  • Wiring soldered to the power terminals (minimizes electrical and thermal resistance)
  • All energized contacts fully insulated and protected against wear, tear, and heat with high-strength dielectric epoxy shield.


*ASIC Exchange’s 3 day DOA Warranty Guarantee: Should you have a failure on any New or Used Miner or Power Supply, ASIC Exchange will issue you an RMA, Pre-Paid return label for the product and will issue a Warranty replacement from our stock, no questions asked! All other return terms and full terms and conditions apply.

Weight 192 oz
Dimensions 18 x 8 x 11 in


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