Works fantastic with Innosilicon A4+ LTC MASTER!!!

1200 Watt Server PSU for Antminer L3+ (on 110V) or L3+/Avalon A741/D3 (on 220V)

No more flimsy breakout boards! No more melted wiring! We are experienced bitcoin miners/engineers who offer you power systems we know to work well in actual use:
Reliability: Our wiring and PSU choices have proved themselves in 24/7/365 harsh condition operations at 100% duty cycle.
Ease of use: No screwing around with din terminals and wire strippers. Just plug it and turn it on!
Quality: We work with a leading cable manufacturer to custom-design and make our wiring.
Value: When you add it all up, we come ahead of any breakout board (and way ahead of Bitmain’s own power supplies).
Free shipping – satisfaction guaranteed – 60 day warranty. And now, onward with the technical specifications:

Power Supply Specifications:
Runs on both 220V and regular household 110V outlets.
On 110V output is 900 Watts (sufficient for one Antminer L3+)
On 220V output is 1200 Watts (sufficient for one L3+ or Avalon A741 or equivalent)
High efficiency (92% gold)
Compact 1U form factor
Universal C13 “computer/monitor” power socket
Universal Amity Labs 10-connector PCI-e harness
Universal Amity Labs 10-connector PCI-e harness:
Designed to connect to any Bitmain Antminer (and other brands such as Avalon)
Ten (10x) 16 AWG braided copper 6-pin PCI-E Molex connectors, each rated to 240 Watt / 20 Amps at 80 degrees C
24 in (~60 cm) DC bus implemented with 200C silicone heavy gauge wiring, rated to 1200 Watts / 100 amps
Wiring soldered to the power terminals (minimizes electrical and thermal resistance)
All energized contacts fully insulated and protected against wear, tear, and heat with high-strength dielectric epoxy shield



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